Whoops twee weeks without blogging! However, I have a big announcement that vouch for my whereabouts these two weeks. Namely, I am officially graduated from university! Besides that, I started working part-time at the Centraal Museum again, and I’m also helping with the opening of the Miffy museum. So a lot of things going on!

February has already started so let’s reflect on January first, and then hop on to the theme of February, which is laying a foundation. Michiel and I just moved into our new place and we have to get used to seeing each other every day and create a routine together. I also really hope to lay the foundation of my financial situation this month (finding a job). It feels a bit like I entered a new life in 2016, and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to be.


Reflections on January
Let’s take a quick look at January. The biggest takeaway of last month is that although I didn’t check a lot off my list, making a list in the first place really got me focussed on what I wanted to achieve. Just thinking about that is already a kick in the ass!

+ Every evening, I made a schedule for the next day. However I wasn’t always able to actually stick to my schedule… Nevertheless, it worked out as I finished and passed my thesis!
+ I updated my portfolio website
+ Going to Yoga class was not a problem at the beginning of the month. When I started with my freelance work it became a bit more challenging… but I succeeded to go at least 2 times a week.
+ Reading: I read the novel Magnus, which was really nice! I failed with the personal development book though…
+ Last but not least, I finished my capsule wardrobe for this season. I will post my complete wardrobe in another post.

+/- Find a job: I’m working freelance for the new Miffy museum this month and that’s really cool but that is only temporary. So I’m still looking for a full time job!
+/- Eat two times per week vegetarian: I actually don’t know if I failed or succeeded with this goal… forgot it!

– The 30 day plank challenge totally failed. The first week was okay but I just didn’t manage to plank for more than 1,5 minutes. When I got crazy sore arms from yoga mid January I officially fell off the challenge. Maybe another month!
– I ordered a tonguescraper online but I think I only used it twice. Also something for next month.
– And finally my blogging goals: I wrote a few ideas for blogposts but didn’t draw up on it and I didn’t re-install google analytics… But amidst all those didn’t do’s I did update my layout, fixed errors, changed fonts and developed a new logo!

In conclusion, this first month was a but of a trial and started straightaway with a heavy theme: discipline. I’m most unsatisfied with my lack of blogging, but it seems to be the first thing that goes when I have a lot on my mind. However, I’m really glad that I tried everything out. Eating vegetarian is actually the only thing that I truly forgot.


February’s month is foundation. All the graduating and moving fuzz is finally over so now it’s time to lay a foundation. How? Let’s see!


  • Write at least two applicants per week. The most important thing this month is to find a job. I have found some nice vacancies already but haven’t write anything yet.
  • Find ways to stand out at cool vacancies.


  • Attend two to three yoga classes per week
  • Eat at least 2 times a week vegetarian
  • Use a tongue scraper before brushing teeth


  • Post two blog posts a week
  • Start a new category

Other things

  • Make more photographs. I neglected my camera for a while and I would like to make a bit more personal work. To do so I want to make a weekly photography post that summaries my week.
  • Read a personal development book

This month I would like to start on creating a morning ritual/routine. This is probably easier when I found a job as I know how my days will look like, but in the mean time I would like to think about how such a routine would look like. To make this more concrete I will dedicate another post in my journey but the practical goals are:

  • study morning routines of other people
  • pick 4 habits I would like to incorporate into my morning
  • put together an ideal morning routine
  • try it out


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