The first time I read about monthly goals was not so long ago, on zenhabits, and last week Mark Manson posted a great article that included the benefits of monthly resolutions. Monthly goals are great to break down the bigger resolutions you set at the beginning of the year. It is also a good way to, as Allie nicely putted it, give you a kick in the ass. So this year I will share my monthly themes, goals, and reflections of the past month. By doing so I hope it will give me a dose of motivation and you hopefully a dose of inspiration!


This months theme is discipline. Ouch, you might think. That’s kind of a harsh theme for the first month of the year. Yes and no. Yes, because it will be a lot of hard work and dedication. No, because this will be such a great foundation of the rest of the year. Discipline hasn’t always been my strong point but is really crucial this month. To begin with, I have to hand in my thesis in a week! Then, I know in two weeks if I passed and thus graduate. That will be awesome but it also means that I have to find a job starting February 1st. So lots of work to do! Besides that I also have some other goals relating for example physical activities and this blog.

Now here we go…

Study and work

  • Every evening, make a schedule for the next day
  • Stick to the schedule. It is more important to stick to it, and make it less heavy, then to have a tight schedule which I will not follow.
  • Start at 9 and go somewhere else. A coffee bar, the library, etcetera. Think about the place to go, the evening before.



  • Find a yogaschool and subscribe (done this already!)
  • Attend two to three yoga classes per week
  • 30 day plank challenge
  • Eat at least 2 times a week vegetarian
  • Use a tongue scraper before brushing teeth


  • Post at least 2 blogposts per week (preferably more)
  • Figure out how to re-install Google Analytics

Other things

  • Read novel: Magnus – Arjen Lubach
  • Read personal development book
  • Continue DIY project knitting scarf
  • Finishing winter capsule wardrobe


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