On the first day we danced until dawn so we started our second day a little bit later than usual. The sun was shining and it was pretty damn hot. We took the U-bahn to Prenzlauer berg and explored the area.

Anne saluted the sun

We met this great little fellow!

Ewa made some pictures with her analogue camera, can’t wait to see!

Checking out the market at Maybachufer

After walking around for a bit we landed at the cinema café and had some really nice ginger tea. We played a game of Bonanza here (Anne won).

Beautiful Ewa in the wind

We went to Warschauer Strasse because we heard there was some kind of love parade.

Always happy Myriam

Ewa and Myriam

And there was a parade indeed! There were several cars or busses driving by with music and people dancing around them.

I was a little bit overwhelmed by the crowd

We decided to leave the parade, find ourselves a nice spot at a Vietnamese shop and had some very cheap and nice food.


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