We walked a lot on our first day in Berlin. When you’re used to small streets and a small city center like Utrecht, you tend to make wrong estimations when it comes to how far everything is. Our friends told us the best way to explore Berlin is by… bike! And that’s what we did on our second day.

Our first stop was at Anne’s place, because I could borrow one of her lenses for the next couple of days. After the break in at my old place, I’m stuck with only a portrait lens, which I’m very happy with but it is nice to try something else as well! After trying out some, I decided to take a portrait lens with a larger maximum aperture. A small lens, which turned out quite handy as I made most of the pictures while I was biking myself.

We biked from Anne’s place to Wochenmarkt am Maybachufer where we ate kebab for lunch (yum). Than we walked along the canal and ended up at concierge coffee. After that we biked to Neukölln Arcaden as according to Anne, there would be a rooftop bar. It was a bit of a puzzle but at the end we decided to follow the cool kids and that turned out great because we ended up at Klunkenkranich, a bar on top of the parking-lot with the most stunning view of Berlin! If we hadn’t decided to meet with Anne we would probably stayed there for a while. But Anne and food were waiting so we headed over to White Trash Fast Food. The place was great, drinks were great but the people working there were incredibly ignorant and slow. So after beers and taco’s we decided to eat our burgers at the Burgermeister, an excellent idea! I never thought I’d eat such tasty burgers under a subway.



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  1. May 1, 2015

    Maar Liset, zo’n mooie foto’s! Eén van mijn favoriete Berlijn- reportjes, sowieso.

    Trouwens, hoe heb je die lens geregeld? Kende je Anne al of bestaan er sites waar je lenzen van andere mensen kan lenen?

  2. May 2, 2015

    He laura! Anne is een vriendin van mij die ik al langer kende 🙂 maar wie weet kan je een lens van een buur lenen via http://www.peerby.com!

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