Last December some of my friends and I visited Anne, who’s currently living in Berlin. Michiel wanted to go to Berlin for some time and I never say no to city trips so we decided to go again in April! Much better choice of season, as the weather was lovely as opposed to the cold in December. Michiel wanted to be back for Kingsday so he went back on Saturday, while I moved my stuff to Anne’s place and stayed with her for a couple of more days. Hey, you’re not in Berlin all the time!

Thank you Foursquare
Unfortunately, we came a little bit unprepared. We booked our Airbnb way too late and ended up at a place without wifi (yes they do exist!). Which is no problem on a holiday you would say, but it is when you don’t know what to do and really needed to do some research. So we sad at a cafe with wifi for quite some time and after asking Anne and a couple of friends for tips, they all said to us to download Foursquare. Now I have to admit that I used to be super active on Foursquare as I wanted to be mayor of every place. When the mayor-thing got be bored out I thought it was not such a cool app after all. But not anymore! Foursquare was super handy during our trip. If you don’t know where to go in a big city as Berlin a little help is great. So on our first day we did some shopping, drank coffee, had dinner and went out for drinks with Anne and her colleagues.

ps. I decided to update my own Fourquare profile and leave some Utrecht tips as well, in case you are ever visiting.


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