Two weeks ago I bought some mint from the greengrocer and decided to try to rooting some sprigs. I cut off the bottom and put them in a glass of water. After two weeks I decided the roots were big enough to be planted.

The new home for my mint sprigs. As you can see some of the sprigs’ leaves became brown. I hope they’ll recover after rooting.

The roots looked like this

New home

Done! I hope they won’t die and recover from the move. When they grow a little bit more I’ll put them in my little garden outside.



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  1. Kayleigh #
    May 2, 2013

    Pas op als je munt in je tuin gaat planten! Ik was het ook van plan, maar kwam toen dit artikel tegen

  2. May 2, 2013

    Oh, dat wist ik nog niet, dankjewel voor de tip!

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