The challenge is almost over but I thought I’d give you an update from every week so far! And although it was quite though, I had more fun running than I ever expected as I always really, really hated to run. My best friend Linda just started her own company and I’m helping her out with her website (still work in progress!) and marketing related things. When I told her about the challenge she offered to help me with a special schedule and some exercises to prevent injuries. As I wasn’t the best runner when I started we decided to change the goal from 5KM in 30 minutes to 5KM in 35 minutes. With my new schedule I had to run 2 times a week and do exercises on the other days.

So this was just before my first run. My schedule for the first week was based upon the idea that I could run for 8 minutes, so for the first workout I had to run 8 minutes – walk 4 minutes – run 8 minutes – walk 2 minutes – run 8 minutes – walk 4 minutes – run 8 minutes. Seems quite do-able don’t you think? Well I can tell you I WAS EXHAUSTED! The third 8 minutes of running I though I could fall on the ground every minute. But I kept going so I was quite proud of myself that I finished it.

I’m running with the Nike plus app, which keeps track of all your runs. Something I think is SUPERCOOL is that you get trophies, I know it’s kind of dumb but it’s really working. I’m running just a little bit further so I can add a trophy to my list.

This was my first run. Not a fantastic one, but hey, it was the first one. The second run went much better already, although I though it would be a disaster as I had to run for 10 minutes in stead of 8 with the first training.

So this was my first week!


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  1. May 21, 2013

    I am so impressed! I love running – but am so terribly unfit at the moment. I always find it such a struggle to get back into!

    Lost in the Haze

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