Something I can’t resist is a cute collar popping out under a sweater or shirt. So when I saw this collar at COS a few weeks ago I knew it would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. A like the scallop shape and I also prefer these kind of collars over ‘just the collar’ as you can also see the buttons and I think it fits better. Well overall, I think collars are the perfect addition to an outfit!

And for those who noticed, my hair didn’t grow immensely since you saw me last. Just before new years, I ordered these clip in extensions after hearing so much good stories about them. I haven’t worn them much though as I find them quite heavy (obviously, I’ve got 120g extra weight hanging on my head haha) and although I’m happy with the colour as I think it matches my own very well, the extensions doesn’t blend that well with my own hair. My hair is quite dry on the end due to too many dyings, which results in some fluffy points. But you can’t really see it in a braid so I wear the extensions once in a while this way!

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