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Underwater photos are hot. Maybe because it’s summer or because someone just decided they are. Within one day, I got three different newsletters about underwater photography and I saw it on blogs several times. Well, I love to go with the flow so I decided to dedicate an article about underwater photography.

And ofcourse, because I love taking pictures in the swimming pool. I remember when I was 16, we went on vacation to Greece with my friends – for the first time! – we bought an underwater camera and had so much fun with it. Wonder what happened to those pictures. Though, they turned out to be terrible as we had our fingers in front of the lens constantly. If you want to make some awesome underwater photos, this article might help you! For now, some underwater fun:

(c) O’Neill, Photojojo, Lomography, Flickr

I bough a lot of clothes lately, but planning to sell some as well so keep posted if you’re interested in some items of my wardrobe! This vintage blouse with peter pan collar is one of my new favourites, I love the collar and I’m really into cream lately. Well, I’ll post the rest of my buys another time!