Working from library selfie

Hi there, hello from the library in Utrecht. I should be studying my ass off and writing papers and stuff like that but instead I am checking pinterest, looking at Ryan Gosling tights and doing other stupid things. Michiel is moving this weekend to a great new place in the center of Utrecht, so I will help him a little bit with that! Are you also in the middle of your exams? Hope you enjoy this Tuesday!

With Peerby in Paris

Three weeks ago I was in Paris with Peerby for OuiShareFest! OuiShareFest is a three days event dedicated to the Sharing Economy. There were a lot of influential speakers, entrepreneurs and other people who are interested in movements such as collaborative consumption, maker movement and open source. You can check their website for more information!

I booked a great apartment via AirBnB which was close to the festival. We walked along this canal every morning.

The main stage was located in a huge circus tent. As we were a partner of OuiShareFest we had a small stand on the side of the tent (you see them in the back)

Here you can see our stand, with Lieselot on the left and Daan (founder of Peerby) talking with other entrepreneurs.

We decided to decorated our stand with flyers and balloons.

Lieven (our ambassador in Belgium) and Ieteke are talking here with Rachel Botsman, who is one of the foremost experts on collaborative consumption.

Daan was part of a panel about hyper consumption.

Lieselot and I

As Peerby won the JoinOurCore competition of Ben & Jerry, we organized an icecream party!

We loved the icecream! From left to right: Lieselot (office manager), Lieven (ambassador Belgium), Eelke (CTO) and Anna (chief of product)

On the last day, Lieselot and I decided to take the metro in the afternoon to the Marais for some shopping

Great little stores with amazing vintage dresses


And then it was time to go back again! It was a nice trip, met a lot of people, went to a rooftop party with the most amazing view over Paris (but did not bring my camera unfortunately) and listened to a lot of great talks. Au revoir!


Hi there, long time no see! To sum the last few weeks up, work’s good, study’s good, changed from full-time student to part-time student, went to Paris for OuiShareFest with Peerby, had a performance with my dance group, enjoyed the sun (and got burned straight away), changed the layout of this blog and Michiel and I visited Ghent for the weekend.

We stayed at a great AirBnB apartment and walked around town. We’d only visited the night life in Ghent yet as one of the DJ’s Michiel manages had to perform here sometimes, so it was night to see it this beautiful city in daylight. I will probably make another city guide for Ghent, but here are some pictures I took!