Videophone in 1910

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As some of you know already, I just finished my premaster and started two weeks ago with the master New Media and Digital Culture at the University Utrecht. As I spent a lot of time studying and devote a lot of time to my master, I though it would be nice to tell a little bit about my study on this blog.

The course I’m enrolled in at the moment is called New Media Archaeology, a course in which we’re investigating what it is exactly that is ‘new’ about new media. The picture above was mentioned in my second class. It’s a postcard which depicts a videophone, a communication tool of which people in 1910 thought we would communicate in the year 2000. Pretty cool don’t you think? And it is kind of true, as we’re using Facetime, Google Hangout and Skype to see and speak to each other, even though we’re on other sides of the world.

Now I have to keep on reading for our next class (yes, at 21:41 still in the library…) but I’ll tell a little bit more about this course and the other course I’m enrolled in next time.

Have a nice Monday evening!

A new haircut

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For the last one and a half year I tried to let my hair grow. But how longer it got, my hair was losing volume and was just ‘hanging’. I wasn’t happy about it for a while and was thinking about getting a new haircut. So when I received a message from Jeroen on my Facebook page that he opened a hair salon together with a friend and invited me to come I thought this was the time to chop it off!

Simson is a new hair salon in Utrecht which is run by Jeroen and Evertjan. Both of them worked as a hairdresser for a few years and decided to start their own salon, which opened last December. Evertjan had quite a lot of work on my new bob, and it turned out great! Forgot to make a before and after picture but my hair was about this long.

I’m really happy about it! I’d had a bob a few years ago, so it’s a little bit familiar to me. Still I’m checking my hair in everything where I can catch my reflection! A huge thanks to Evertjan for my new hairdo and for inviting me! I’d heartily recommend Simson to everyone who wants to have a new haircut or is looking for a great, personal hairdresser with a reasonable price (34 euro for washing, cutting and drying). This Saturday is their official opening which is open for everyone who likes to take a look!

Simson – Springweg 12 – Utrecht

I have been given a free haircut by Simson in exchange for writing a review, however this does not effect my review in any way!

Hoi met Liset

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Yesterday I celebrated my 26th birthday! My colleague and super cool artist Lieselot made a drawing of me! It says: “Hi I am Liset, I like to laugh a lot but not too loud”. She has a great style, you should definitely check her stuff out. Furthermore Michiel and I went out for dinner and we tried something new: de Keuken van Gastmaal. No pictures unfortunately (note to self: bring camera with you more often) but it was delicious! We had the vegetable menu and we were both very enthusiastic about it. Well, apart from the dessert, which was caramelized chicory with pear and goat cheese because the cheese was really heavy, but if you like cheese it wouldn’t be a problem!

Tension tamer

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Hi there!

It’s been a while! No big changes or anything else here. Just a lot of writing, reading, more writing, reading, thinking, a lot thinking, writing again and then my thesis was finished! I have to write one more paper and than I can finally start the masters program of New Media and Digital Culture! Really exciting!

For now, a lot of tension tamer tea to tame the nerves!