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On our second day we biked to Marken, a small town which used to be an island in the Zuiderzee. It is now a peninsula in the Markermeer. It is very popular amongst tourists because of the wooden houses and traditional costumes. None of us ever visited Marken before so we it was time for some tourist action! But first…


This is typically Marken.

And more Marken.

Marken is known for its fish, so we had to eat some kibbeling.

Very tasty

The harbor



Sparrows everywhere


More wooden houses


It was time to leave Marken now…


Last Friday when I was done working in the morning I packed my bags and raced to the trainstation as our ultimate chill weekend would begin very soon! There I found Lisa, Timo and Michiel and we took the train to Amsterdam. We rented four bikes and within one hour we were at our Airbnb, surrounded by meadows.

Our house had a treehouse, trampoline, sauna, hot tub and a cable ‘robe’.

We all fell in love with this awesome bubble chair.

Michiel and I made pasta carbonara


We made a new friend during dinner and we called him Jabba

Jabba chilled with us the whole weekend!

Spend a lot of time in here

Michiel showed off his cocktail skills with moskow mules.

Yesterday it was Anne’s birthday! We celebrated it with wine, watermelon and apple pie.

We got her Toms shoes and cute earrings from Rebekkarebekka.


Anne decorated her house with lots of lights, and Irene decided we could of course also decorate ourselves with them.

Johnny the dog was also present!

Mine mine mine <3
The birthday girl!


Twinsisters Ewa and Marysia

Anne has a disco light in her room which you can apparently shut off with a remote control but that was lost so it was a small disco the whole time.