Two weeks in Andalusia: Jerez & Cádiz

The third stop of our trip was Jerez de la Frontera. However, the city was super quite. So after the first day of wandering around we decided to go after the Spanish people and visit Cádiz. Cádiz is a little town near the beach. Christopher Columbus sailed from Cádiz on his second and fourth voyages to America, which made the town very rich.

Michiel in Jerez

Hello again

Morning sun from our Airbnb

Really nice pancakes in Cadiz

Finding the shadow

The sea!

There was a huge fishmarket during the day

See you in… Sevilla!

Two weeks in Andalusia: Ronda

Ronda is a pittoresque town, just an hour away from Malaga. It is famous for its ‘Puento Nuevo’, a bridge over a 91 meter deep canyon. Because it is more land inwards, it was already a lot hotter here then in Malaga, but we decided to walk down to the bottom of the bridge anyways. A nice walk and a marvelous view!

Hiding in the shadow

How beautiful is this view

Selfie-worth of course

Michiel <3
Puento Nuevo

Hi there!

Another walk

Spanisch houses all have bars at the lower windows

Back in the center

Two weeks in Andalusia: Málaga

From a rainy Netherlands we literally stepped into a Spanish sauna when we got off the plane. Two weeks of bare legs, no jackets and lots of sun. We made a roundtrip through the south of Spain, starting in Málaga.

Elderly people enjoying the shadow


We visited Alcazaba, a Moorish palace-fortress


The view from up there was really stunning

Spanish streets

Of course we needed some sugar

The harbor

This is probably the closest we’ve got to a beach in our whole vacation


A sunny day in Paris

On our second day in Paris we did what we do best: walking, drinking coffee, shopping and eating. We started our day with a very long walk, but that was mostly due to wrong directions in Foursquare to our breakfast spot. In the end we ended up super hungry and decided to start the days with muffins.

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