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My friend Lisa works at a book publisher here in Utrecht, which is called Snor. They publish a lot of nice cook- and giftbooks, for example the Soep Kalender (Soup calendar) which I’ve got as well but only used a few times. Note to self: make more soup! Last weekend they organized the first edition of Snorfestival, a nice festival where visitors could do workshops, kids could play and you could (of course) buy some nice books! Lisa asked if I wanted to help out and make some pictures, so last Sunday was spend on this supernice camping, immersed in the world of Snor!

Last week we were at Artis, the Zoo in Amsterdam, because my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary over there

Michiel was very excited

These monkeys were jumping around through the zoo

My mom and I, and a tiny photobomb Michiel

But our biggest entertainer was my little niece Evie!

She led the way!


Michiel found a raincoat-buddy

Of course we had to visit the pinguins, as they are my favourite animals!


Then it was time to go home!