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“We live in a world where women are expected to be compliant and acquiescent, and are rewarded for providing men with beauty and the type of sex they require.”

Can painfully restrictive clothing ever be beneficial aesthetically, culturally, or personally? South African designer Leanie Van Der Vyver made the so-called supersexy high heel awkward and thus questioning the discomfort of the stiletto. Personally I never wear stilettos but I do like a chunky heel once in a while. An artwork like Scary Beautiful rejects the expectations that the heel has. No one would ever wear a heel like that, but it does let you think about what is that line between acceptable and unacceptable if you think of feminine fashion.

My study buddy and party-partner-in-crime Anne lives in Berlin at the moment. She works at Dubsmash, an app that enables you to record famous quotes in selfie-style. Maybe you’ve heard about them already as they are booming at the moment! And maybe you also saw my face when you downloaded the app. In December we decided to pay her a visit! Unfortunately, my camera got stolen so I brought my polaroid camera. It was amazingly cold but also super nice to see Anne again and to visit Berlin.

Today I want to introduce a new category on my blog. For my job I need to use a lot of different photographs to communicate or support a message. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to make all the pictures myself (also due to the fact that my camera was stolen last month… ) so I have to rely on stockphotos. As some of you might know, free stockphotos can be horrible. Nevertheless, I found some websites where they have truly beautiful free stockphotos, which I would love to share with you.

From Julia Revitt via Unsplash

Stumbled upon this very nice Swedish apartment which is for sale at the moment. I really like the combination with the romantic aspects and the modern touch. A lamp like that will definitely be on my wishlist for my first ‘real’ home!

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