Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2016

This is exciting! The last few weeks I’ve showed you my first experiences with creating a capsule wardrobe and I’m finally ready to share my winter wardrobe with you. After the introduction I told you about my inspiration, my final color scheme and my big clean out and inventory.

In this post I will talk about my budget, what I eventually ended up with and my first experiences. So let’s take a look!

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February theme: foundation

Whoops twee weeks without blogging! However, I have a big announcement that vouch for my whereabouts these two weeks. Namely, I am officially graduated from university! Besides that, I started working part-time at the Centraal Museum again, and I’m also helping with the opening of the Miffy museum. Lot’s of things going on!

February has already started so let’s reflect on January first, and then hop on to the theme of February, which is laying a foundation. Michiel and I just moved into our new place and we have to get used to seeing each other every day and create a routine together. I also really hope to lay the foundation of my financial situation this month (finding a job). It feels a bit like I entered a new life in 2016, and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to be.

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Capsule wardrobe: inventory

Now it is time for the inventory! As I mentioned in the introduction of the capsule wardrobe, I already went through all my clothes when I was caught up in the Marie Kondo spell of decluttering. And although Marie Kondo advices to keep all your clothes in your closet (to see if it still sparks joy), I have now tucked away my summer clothes. After that I went through every piece to find out if I really liked it. I came down to 20 pieces and 5 pair of shoes. To find out which pieces I still need in my winter capsule, I decided to use proportions.

But first, lets take a look at my current wardrobe:

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Capsule wardrobe: colors

A few years ago my sister and I gave my mom a color consultation for her birthday, and we decided to get one as well. It was a nice experience and my mom really enjoyed it. We all got a little book with our colors. I’m not as strict as my mom (she barely wants to shop if she does not have her book with her) but I do find myself leaning towards ‘my colors’.

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