My friend Lisa works at a book publisher. To celebrate their upcoming books this spring, they organized the Snorfeest. They asked me to make pictures (I also photographed the Snorfestival this summer) so I though this is a nice opportunity to try out a new lens. I captured this day with the 50mm 1.2.

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Moodboard for Timo

On Monday I had coffee with my friend Timo, and told him about the progress of my new spring capsule. He told me that he really needed to shop for new clothes but that he did not know exactly what to buy. Since I had this week off, I offered to help by making a moodboard.

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What to pack for a weekend Berlin

This weekend I was in Berlin! With a group of nine (!) girls. We were visiting Anne, who lives over there, and celebrating the birthday of two of us. When traveling with only hand luggage I like to pack wisely. So you can see it as a very small capsule. First check the weather, think about your activities and visualize different outfits. I always like to keep some extra space for purchases I might do so I don’t want my suitcase to burst already on the way over there.

This is what I brought to Berlin:

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