Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures inside and outside the office.

Last week we were at Artis, the Zoo in Amsterdam, because my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary over there

Michiel was very excited

These monkeys were jumping around through the zoo

My mom and I, and a tiny photobomb Michiel

But our biggest entertainer was my little niece Evie!

She led the way!


Michiel found a raincoat-buddy

Of course we had to visit the pinguins, as they are my favourite animals!


Then it was time to go home!

… that’s pretty much my summer summed up. On Monday starts the last week of summer, which means my last full-time week at Peerby, and next week school starts again. Here’s a little sum up from my instagram.

Hanging around Utrecht

Making supernice pasta with Lisa

My sister got married and I think Michiel and I looked pretty good

They have awesome pizzas at this place

Michiel and I in the carrousel at the Parade Utrecht

Hello Italy

Lisa and Michiel at the opening of a new record-clothing-shoes-furniture shop (I think people call this ‘lifestyle shops’)

Still waiting for Michiel’s new couch to arrive

This summer I carried around with me a disposable camera which is light so super handy if you don’t want to carry your heavy camera. Moreover I find it always kind of exciting when you pick up the photos as you never really remember what pics you shot. This film contained some chilling days, Pitch festival, the Parade Festival, Tuscany and the Peerby office!