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Without a doubt, Paros was my favourite island. Maybe it was because our hotel was situated perfectly in the capital or because it is not equipped with tourist, nevertheless we had a great time exploring this beautiful island. Some information about the island: the island of Paros has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC and is known for its marble. The capital of Paros is Parikia, which is also the main port of the island. The second most popular village of Paros island is Naoussa. If you go more inlands you will find more traditional villages including Lefkes, Marpissa and Prodromos.

1. Explore Antiparos by boat
This is the only excursion we did during our trip but we really enjoyed it! We sailed around the island Antiparos for five hours including a barbecue. We stopped at several places to swim. They brought goggles and snorkels that we could use to view the busy sealife down us. I love to swim in the sea but I am not particular fan of the beach as there is mostly no shade and I don’t like getting sand everywhere. Jumping of a boat however was much fun!

2. Drive landward
We rented an ATV for a day and it was so much fun. The island of Paros is really small, you go round in about 60 kilometers. So it happened quite often that we wanted to go somewhere but missed the exit and turned up on the other side of the island. It didn’t matter to us as we were just crossing and exploring the island, snuggling together on the ATV. It happen so that we ended up landward at a huge diversion dam. We went through a gravel road all the way to Lefkes. When we arrived we had no idea where exactly we were.

3. Have dinner in Lefkes
It is not easy to find truly local food on the Greek islands. Most places near the harbor are adjusted to the tourists or are really expensive. If you go landwards however there are more traditional kitchens. This way we ended up in Lefkes at a really nice restaurant. There was no card, but the hostess showed us inside what was on the menu. Everything was home cooked and it felt like we were having dinner at our grandmothers place.

4. Give something to the neighborhood cats
There are a lot of stray cats in Greece. In Parikia however, the cats were looking quite well. We were wondering why that was until we found this gathering of cats in Parikia. Next to them was a little box where you could donate some money to feed the neighborhood cats. As catlovers we ofcourse supported this initiative! You can easily find the neighborhood cats when you explore Parikia.

5. Be healthy in Naoussa
Sousouro is a cafe in Naoussa where we had the most healthy breakfast and lunch of our vacation. Superfoods are no stranger to these people! We really liked some healthy food after gyros and too much olive oil in about every meal we have.

6. Play games at the Pirate bar
I brought a couple of games on vacation which we played a lot, but at the pirate bar they also have games that you can play! Order a nice cocktail or a freddo cappuccino and you’re good to play.